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Thank you for showing interest in our game!


We believe friendly local retailers are an important part of the board game ecosystem and our preferred way of buying board games for ourselves. Therefore we are excited to work with you and we hope we can establish a long-term mutually beneficial relationship.

If you have any questions, or you want to say hi, please contact us at

You probably found us through Kickstarter and you are here for the Hike! Retailers pledge. Our offer is:

  • €5 retailer pledge serves a reservation for the order. €5 is a deposit, and it will be deducted from the first payment. It can not be refunded after the Kickstarter campaign is over.

  • Brick and mortar retailers and established online stores are eligible for this pledge. We will ask you to send us proof of business along with a photo of a store (for brick and mortar retailers) or the link to the online store (for online retailers).

  • We offer you 50% off the Kickstarter price for base game and expansion (first player token is not available). This means €12 for the base game and €6 for the expansion.

  • 50% advance payment is due right after the Kickstarter campaign ends, the rest is due before the games are shipped.

  • Base game and expansion are the same version as with the individual pledges and include all of the unlocked stretch and social goals.

  • Retailers pay for shipping costs.

  • Retailers’ pledge will be shipped in the same batch as individual backers. We are a small team and we’ll be doing the shipping ourselves, so the whole process will take us a few days - the individual pledges will be shipped first, and retailer pledges right after.

  • MSRP for Hike will be higher than the Kickstarter price, and retailers ordering Hike! after the Kickstarter campaign will not get the same price as those that back it through Kickstarter.

  • Late pledges and retailer orders that will be collected after the Kickstarter will be shipped at least 3 weeks after the Kickstarter batch.

  • Minimum order quantity of 6, and the number of ordered copies must be a multiple of 6 up to a maximum of 48 copies.

  • After you make the pledge, we will contact you via email, and we will discuss your individual pledge and the number of copies.

  • We kindly ask you to wait with the announcement that Hike! will be available in your store and pre-orders until the Kickstarter campaign is over.

If you have further questions, please email us at And if you aren't interested in the Kickstarter pledge, but you want to keep in touch, we kindly invite you to join our retailer email list.

Nika and Blaž with the SnowBoardGames team.

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