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Ready. Set. Hike!

Assemble your husky dog sled, gather the equipment, and set on a race through the snowy wilderness. Beat your opponents to the finish line with a combination of luck and skill.


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How to play


Hand-pick the best huskies for the conditions on the ever changing track. But be careful, your huskies have character, and not all of them are compatible with each other.

Hike! how to play sled.jpg


Hike! how to play equipment.jpg

Do you have all of the equipment to confront the treacherous terrain and get your sledge safely to the other side?


You are ready to race! Make sure you use the right combination of your huskies’ skills and equipment to cover the longest daily distance. And may the best musher win!

Hike! how to play race.jpg

Sounds like fun?

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